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You are a small business owner looking for someone who will help you reach your target audience and provide you more visibility online? Then you are at the right place.

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Who are we?

About Us

I am Nawal Lasfar, founder of SO Digital and Digital Marketing Consultant.20211107_150928

Why should we work together? Aside from my Marketing background and my 5 years of experience in Online Marketing, I will not treat you as another client but as a person. I work personally with small business owners in order to improve their Online Marketing and Social Media strategy. I will listen to your story and understand your business and establish a plan to reach your target audience.

Let’s work together and bring your business to the top!

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What we can do for you


Do you need a simple, clear, and professional website but you don’t want to hire an agency who will charge you at least $200 per hour? Well, I can help you with that! Starting the amount of $200, I can offer you a basic website allowing you to reach your target audience.

Do you need regular maintenance for your website? I will only charge you $20/h every time for any change.

Do you want to be able to make the changes yourself? Not a problem. I can teach you how to do basic modifications like updates, adding or modifying pictures, writing content…etc.


My main goal is to promote your business and build your presence online: 

website   Website design and publishing (WordPress)

seo   SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

ad   Advertising campaigns

socialmedia  Social Media strategy

analytics  Web Analytics & Performance reports

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Our Work


Take a look at our clients’ websites!

Hartwell Therapy & Wellness
Danza Productions
Danza Productions
Coiffure Saida_website
Coiffure Saida

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