Why do you need a Digital Marketing Consultant?

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You are a small business owner looking for someone who will help you reach your target audience and provide you more visibility online? Then you are at the right place.

Why hire a Digital Marketing consultant? you might ask. Whether it’s building a house or managing our accounts, we all need expert advice one day. This is also true for marketing!

Companies, institutions, project leaders,… we all know today that to be visible, enhance your brand and sell your products or services, it is essential to be present on the web. Having a website, professional accounts on social networks or on marketplaces have become a must for most brands in order to maintain their reputation. It is therefore necessary to “digitize”.

But knowing this is not enough! To stand out from its competitors and create a lasting relationship with your audience, it is necessary to define a relevant marketing strategy in order to maximize your return on investment. And that’s where the expert comes in!

4 good reasons to hire a DigitaL MARKETING consultant

1/ To show your business in its best light

Indeed, the digital marketing consultant defines with you the best strategy to enhance your brand image and achieve your objectives, while respecting your constraints and your vision. In doing so, it ensures you an online presence that is both meaningful and qualitative.

2/ For an in-depth analysis of your performance

In addition, thanks to their mastery of monitoring tools, the digital marketing consultant is able to collect data and analyze the results of your actions in order to assess the effectiveness of your marketing strategy . Thus, the parameters are constantly optimized and the chances of seeing your objectives achieved are maximized.

3/ To show you what you can’t see

Another good reason to hire a digital marketing expert: the consultant brings you an outside perspective and another vision of your activity! It can help you highlight certain elements blocking or slowing down the growth of your company, of which you are unaware of the importance.

4/ To make you aim further than the objectives set

Finally, thanks to an effective and targeted marketing strategy, the consultant can help you propel your projects forward and move them forward more quickly . And it will support you in your communication and digitization process in a structured and planned way, respecting certain key stages.

The digital marketing consultant is above all a partner to propel your projects.  They are there to guide you through the right path.

Their experience and desire to always be trained have the one and only objective of being always more relevant in their advice . And the little extra: a good consultant must succeed in putting you into action. No more procrastination, make way for efficiency!

Here is what we can do for you:

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Who are we?

About Us

I am Nawal Lasfar, founder of SO Digital and Digital Marketing Consultant.

Why should we work together? Aside from my Marketing background and my many years of experience in Online Marketing, I will not treat you as another client but as a person. I work personally with small business owners in order to improve their Online Marketing and Social Media strategy. I will listen to your story and understand your business and establish a plan to reach your target audience.

Let’s work together and bring your business to the top!

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What we can do for you


Do you need a simple, clear, and professional website but you don’t want to hire an agency who will charge you at least $200 per hour? Well, I can help you with that! Starting the amount of $200, I can offer you a basic website (5 pages) allowing you to reach your target audience.

Do you need regular maintenance for your website? I will only charge you $50/hour for any modification or update.

Do you want to be able to make the changes yourself? Not a problem. I can teach you how to do basic modifications like updates, adding or modifying pictures, writing content,…etc.


My main goal is to promote your business and build your presence online: 

website   Website design and publishing (WordPress)

seo   SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

ad   Advertising campaigns

socialmedia  Social Media strategy

analytics  Web Analytics & Performance reports

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Our Work


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I will be more than happy to answer all your questions. Contact me for a free consultation by filling the form below or by emailing info@sodigital.ca